Totally Off Topic - The Gospel of Judas - Did Jesus Tell Judas to Betray Him?

Dear Everyone;
  While the expressed range of religious and non-religious encompasses our group we can not ignore the impact of religion on our lives - whether directly or indirectly. The discovery and authentication of the Gospel of Judas sheds possible new light on the role Judas played in the betrayal of Jesus.
  Apparently, according to the translated version of the Gospel of Judas - Jesus actually ordered Judas to arrange his betrayal as part of the Grand Master Plan. If correct the use of the word Judas for betrayer in our lexicon could take on a whole new meaning and change the meaning of the 13 pieces of silver and Judas's suicide.
  The National Geographic - the radical main stream religious organization - is broadcasting a TV story on it Sunday night.
  The NY Times also weighed in with a story:
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian

Does this mean the band "Judas Priest" will have to change it's name? ;-]

-- Steve

Dear Steve;
  Maybe not but their latest album based on the predictions of Nostradamus might be a new direction for them : - ]
  And there is a web site for WWJD - What would Judas do? Just read these testimonials - they are very good '. - )
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian

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