Top liberal, conservative, and libertarian websites

Here's one metric of how we're doing -- ratings site DKBP lists the top political websites by ideological category:

• Top 50 libertarian websites --

• Top 100 liberal/progressive websites --

• Top 100 conservative websites --

  By way of comparison, the most popular libertarian site,, would rank at 24th on the liberal/progressive list and 14th on the conservative list.

  A few more notes about these listings... The libertarian list is going to be expanded to the top 100 sites like the other two, as they find more sites to fill out the list. Apparently until recently the libertarian websites were mixed in with the conservative ones, so this is progress! Also praiseworthy, imho, is the fact that "mainstream" left-leaning sites like MSNBC, the New York Times and U.S. News & World Report are included on the liberal/progressive list. Traditionally media outlets like these have not been formally recognized in many quarters as having a left-leaning bias, although most honest people will admit that they do.

  Also interesting is the fact that the national Libertarian Party website,, does not make the top 50 -- an apparent indicator of how badly the party has been mismanaged. Radical sites seem well-represented on the libertarian list however, including Ernie Hancock's (#19), (#20), Future of Freedom Foundation ( (#29), (#37), and the Center For A Stateless Society ( (#43).

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DBKP is a great website. Thoughtful as well as funny stuff ("Give Peas a Chance"). Would be interesting to study the top websites and see what characteristics they share, if any, that make them popular, and then try those on our website.