Top 10 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook

Hi Rob,

Ah! So you are saying that the LP has lopsided demographics favoring older folks. If so, then I agree with you entirely that we need to right that by bringing in younger people. Organizations, I believe, do best when they attract a wide range of ages, colors, etc.

Regarding people's political thinking being set by age 30, I will have to think about that. My skepticism has less to do with learned studies than with personal experience. I went from a bleeding heart liberal Democrat at 35, to a conservative Republican, to a Libertarian. And I am still reeling from Bart turning conservative Republican on me. Ah, yes, then there is Mom at 92 who has abandoned her Democratic thinking since I have been talking to her about libertarianism (she is petrified that the government might come after us, though; so she has not registered Libertarian).

Thanks for listening, Rob. I appreciate it.



  I'm kind of curious about Bart's "conversion" too, if you feel
comfortable discussing it.

Love & Liberty,
          ((( starchild )))