Tonight's sign-making Meetup now has the location listed! 2940 16th Street (at Capp near Mission), Room 209 - 6pm

Sorry I forgot to include the full location details previously -- maybe that's why no one else has RSVP'd! I do hope at least one or two other folks can make it; right now it's just myself and mesha, who is graciously not only letting us use her group's office, but has volunteered to join us in making signs. Sign-making can be fun when it's a group activity. And think how cool it will be to see lots of signs for decriminalizing prostitution at our next rally or gathering!

  To those of you on the Cannabis Community, Pink Pistols, and Taxpayers Union lists, if you want to come and make signs for another pro-freedom cause (e.g. the marijuana movement, self defense, lower taxes), you're welcome to show up and use the materials for that purpose (by all means feel free to bring your own sign-making stuff too, if you've got it).

  If you can make it, please RSVP at . And if you are supporting the ballot measure but haven't joined the Decriminalize Prostitution! Meetup group yet, I encourage you to do so! We're up to 19 members, and this is only the beginning...

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))