TONIGHT - Ed Jew campaign debt fundraiser dinner (Irish Cultural Center, 45th Avenue & Sloat, 630-930pm?)

There is an event for Ed Jew tonight to celebrate his swearing in, which was today, and help settle his campaign debt. Barbara Meskunas of the SF Taxpayers Union has signed on as one of new Supervisor Ed Jew's two aides at City Hall. A good sign! I spoke with her today and told her we'd like to set up a meeting between Ed and the Libertarians. She said things are really busy right now settling in, and suggested next month, before the budget season starts and things get busy again.

  Partly I called Barbara to find out where the Irish Cultural Center is for this event tonight she'd posted about by email, how much it costs, etc. She said they'd like $50 at the door (includes dinner), but it's pay what you can. Anybody else interested in going? The LPSF recommended a vote for Ed Jew, and I think we have his ear more than anybody who's been on the Board of Supervisors since I've been living in SF (the sense I get is that he's got more libertarian instincts than Tony Hall did). It might be nice to keep reminding him we're here, and help him out a little with the campaign debt.

  If anybody's interested in going, please let me know. I might not if it's just me. If you would be driving from the central or eastern side of SF, I'd also love to get a ride instead of taking MUNI all the way out there. You can reach me at (415) 621-7932.

Love & liberty,
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