TOMORROW (Sunday Jan. 15) is early bird discount deadline for LPC convention (March 2-4, Ventura) registration

Fellow Libertarians,
         For those interested in attending the upcoming California Libertarian Party convention happening March 2-4 in the beach town of Ventura (between L.A. and Santa Barbara), TOMORROW (Sunday Jan. 15) is the deadline to get the early bird discounts when registering.

  All LPC members are eligible to attend as voting delegates, but you don't have to be a member to attend. A list of packages and prices can be found here, along with a link to purchase tickets:

  Sadly, organizers have continued the shameful practice of charging convention delegates a "floor fee" just to attend the business sessions, and are now demanding a minimum purchase of $110 to be a delegate (somewhat less if you prove you're a student under 24). This is like charging volunteers to come work in your office because you have to pay rent, and is disrespectful of our hardworking volunteers and activists who are *doing the Libertarian Party a favor* by sacrificing their time and incurring travel costs to come and do the party's business.

  Nevertheless I will be going to the convention as a delegate, and encourage you to do so as well. If you aren't a delegate you can't vote for new leadership, and if you let an unfair fee keep you away, you'll be playing into the hands of those who want prices kept high in part to dissuade those who some in the more conservative faction have dismissively called "povertarians" from attending!

  But don't let the politics of all this discourage you. The struggle for freedom has always been an uphill fight, but there is no worthier cause! Besides, conventions are always a lot of fun even if you don't pay to go to any speaker or meal events, just for the chance to party and mingle with other Libertarians. And this being an election year, we'll also be voting on delegates to attend the national LP convention happening May 2-6 in Las Vegas, where the party's next presidential candidate will be chosen. Your principled libertarian voice is needed to help make sure our party is better represented this time than we were in 2008, establish more sensible policies, and get the LP back on track.

  If anyone asks you to donate extra money to the Libertarian Party of California however, I recommend suggesting they get back to you when delegate floor fees have been officially eliminated.

Love & Liberty,

                           ((( starchild )))

At-Large Representative, LPC Executive Committee*

*Views expressed in this message are my own, and obviously do not represent those of the Executive Committee as a body -- all the more reason to come and vote some new people onto that committee who believe in openness, transparency, and a Libertarian Party that is not pay-to-play!

P.S. - See message below for further details from the LPC office and how to get in touch if you have questions.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cal LP 2012 Convention Registration Is Open!

30 December, 2011
Published by LPCA Office in Action Alerts, Events, State News

December 30, 2011 – It’s time to mark your calendar and reserve your admission to the Libertarian Party of California’s 2012 Annual Convention of Delegates!

The event will run from Friday, March 2nd through Sunday, March 4th, at the Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach Hotel.

Delegates to our 2012 Convention will nominate California’s delegates to the national LP’s convention. which will be May 4-6 at the Red Rock Casino, Resort, and Spa, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Don’t miss your opportunity to be a delegate at the presidential nominating convention!Renew your California LP membership now, and register to be a delegateat the state Party’s convention before the January 15 Early Bird Discount deadline. [boldface added]

If you have questions about your membership standing, dues, or the convention, please visit our website, e-mail us at office@..., or call our office at (818) 782-8400.

star child, I remember a few years ago , I spoke at a candidates forum held in a pot club. Just wondering, not proposing,... Do you actually need a pot percription to enter a club? If not, could we have meetings in one fo the nicer ones??


PS. oops , I mean cannabis medical dispensary.

Hi All! I just registered. I will be driving down from San Francisco on Friday, and Starchild will be coming with me. I have room for 2 more people to seat comfortably in the car, though we could squeeze in 3 more if they're little people. Please let me know if you would like to ride down with us.



  I believe we could legally use such a space without everyone being medical cannabis patients when the dispensary was not open, if we found one whose management were willing to let us.

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

Americans for Safe Access meets in different locations, but often ends up at the Green Cross, and they allow non-patients to attend meetings, but only patients can medicate on the site. I think it depends on the dispensary's rules, and they are strictly enforcing them under the new cannabis-hostile environment recently imposed by the US Attorney's attack dogs. I remember the first ASA meeting I attended was at the Vapor Room in the Haight, which had similar "members only" policies and they wouldn't allow me in the front door without being on the ASA guest list. It's a cool place to meet, but they have to be extremely careful as public assembly locations, for obvious reasons.

I'm sure there are dispensaries that would be happy to host LP meetings during non-business hours, provided all their rules are observed, but several are closing or re-locating due to legal threats, so there are fewer options to choose from with every passing day.