Tom Ammiano Wants To Force Private Employers to buy Health Insurance

Dear Everyone;

In a small blurb in the Examiner Saturday Tom Ammianao is going to introduce legislation REQUIRING medium to large businesses to pay for health insurance for their employees. He claims 20,000 - 30,000 employees in retail, fast food,large technology firms and other industrieswould be effected.

Ammiano plans to introduce his: " Worker Health Care Security Act " at a press conference on the Polk Street steps City Hall at 12:00 Noon Tuesday Nov. 22.

Ammiano is apparently using some of the language from the failed Prop 72 which was defeated on the state ballot as the basis for his stupidity.

I'm going to take a far out guess that nowhere in his legislation is there anything about where an employer is supposed to get affordable healthcare insurance or how it's to be paid. I'm going to guess it will be funded by the employer with little or no employee contributions.


Ron Getty
SF Libertarian