Today, the LPSF mailed 2,088 letters to Libertarians in San Francisco

Hi again,

I just wanted to give a quick update and thank those involved again for
giving their time for this project. Sunday and Monday, with help from
Richard Winger, Alex Mills, Clint Greiss, and especially Starchild, we
stuffed 2,088 envelopes with a letter, our ballot recommendations with
brief explanations for the state and local measures, and an
membership/donation form. This morning, Aubrey and I delivered these to
the post office, where we paid under $500 for first-class postage, with
no extra permit fees.
Thank you to all who helped, especially Aubrey for writing up our
recommendations as well as helping me unload everything at the post
office this morning, and Starchild for pulling an all-nighter with me
last night to have everything ready to mail this morning. I also owe
another thank you to Robert and Jennifer Imhoff and the SCCLP, who let
us borrow their automatic paper-folding machine which made the work much
more bearable.
I'll share more numbers and insight at our meeting on Saturday, which
I have fallen behind in announcing even. Expect the agenda to be sent
out tomorrow.
.... and check your mailbox tomorrow :slight_smile:


Thanks, Nick! Good work everyone, and you in particular for taking the initiative and organizing this. It will be interesting to see what response we get from the mailing's recipients.

  Did everyone else on the list see Aubrey's email responding to this, by the way? I saw it copied in Francoise's reply (which I've deleted or would recopy here), but then realized I never got Aubrey's message itself.

  I'll include here a few small suggestions for next time (to increase the likelihood of them being remembered by someone!):

• Collect a list of our regulars who are happy to just get an electronic copy of the letter and don't want/need to be mailed
• Include our website in the return mailing address on the envelope (if allowed by their rules)
• Include mention of the Town Hall Freedom Caucuses in the letter (and hope everyone can make it on Oct. 24! - 580 Howard St., 6-9pm)
• Include mention of our email lists in the letter for people to connect with us online
• Revise our membership form to at least include mention of how people can join the state and national party

  Probably other stuff I'm forgetting, but that's what comes to mind at present.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

My LPSF letter arrived in the mail today.

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

Excellent! We have had 2 new people join our Meetup group already. Will keep monitoring!

Also, I posted our ballot recommendations on our site as well.