TODAY - Public Defender Jeff Adachi hosting event on exposing/preventing injustice (9am-230pm)

I just noticed it mentioned in the Examiner (online at It's at the Koret Auditorium, downstairs in the Main Library, from 9am to 230pm today, Wednesday May 19.

  I may go later on after I catch a bit of sleep. Jeff Adachi is as close a thing as we have in this town to an elected official doing his job the way a Libertarian might do it.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

See you there!
I hope its not all speech'in and preach'in?

I went it wasn't impressed and left.
Sorry I missed you Starchild?

Hi Eric,

  Glad to see you're active again. I got to the event at the library just when they were breaking for lunch, which was free albeit not particularly exciting. After lunch I checked out the final panel, with three speakers and a moderator. Two of the speakers were not that interesting to me, although they all had good takes on the issues that came up, but the third guy was terrific. He talked about his personal experience being in federal prison, discrimination against former prisoners, how the system screws you, etc. One thing he mentioned was that he spent most of his time behind bars in isolation because his case was on appeal and that way he did not have access to the prison library. He said this is standard practice with prisoners who are appealing their cases.

  I knew you'd been there, because I saw your name on the sign-up sheet, but I didn't see you, so maybe you'd already left. Several people said the first panel in the morning, especially the author of a book titled "Ordinary Injustice", was very good. SFGovTV was filming, so the event is supposed to be online at some point (maybe not yet, as I looked and couldn't immediately find it).

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

As soon as I saw a decent free lunch I knew the day would have little substance.
There a major chain of evidence issue, which is poilcy, not law aren't firmly establish.
My challenge is of th 40k cases all supeaona Madden, who's attorney as stated will not testify and that's a slam dunk Supreme Court issue of facing witnesses. To have it written i doctrine that evidence comprimised shouldn't mak it pass discovery.

So far it doesn't seem like the liberal law establishment interest is in protecting Kamala and not we the people.