Today Is Jury Rights Day - Do You Know Your Jury Rights?

Dear All;
Today is an extremely important day: It's the official: Jury Rights Day. Do you know your rights as a juror - and I do mean know your rights?
This article addresses some of those rights. Also included in the article is a link for the Fully Informed Jurors Association. There you will find several informative pdf files. Please download and save in a bookmark folder named: JURY. Then they will be available for printout when you are called for jury duty.
In jury duty when called upon for the voir dire can mean saying you are a Libertarian and are a firm believer in jury nullification and the rights of jurors as spelled out in the FIJA.
Or answering the questions asked of you but not specifically stating your Libertarian views or nullification views or FIJA espousal unless directly asked. Then doing your good work in the jury room. Even if it only means a hung jury and you are the hangman. :slight_smile:
The judges instructions are not telling you how to vote in the jury room. You decide how to vote based on the facts of the case the law itself as to whether or not the law is just or being abused and the facts presented and whether or not all the facts were presented or facts were left out. Yes you can tell when things were left out.
A recent example was when an Oakland medicinal pot grower was being charged in federal district court with being a pot grower but the jury was forbidden to be told he was a medicinal pot grower. He was convicted but the judge sentenced him to a day in prison. Which allowed for time served waiting bail and trial was fulfilled.
Remember to exercise your rights every day - use'm or lose'm.
Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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