Time magazine - growth of conservative college student groups

Time Magazine has an interesting article about the rise of a conservative movement on campus that mentions the libertarian angle. The article is online at at http://www.time.com/time/election2004/printout/0,8816,686064,00.html

  And below is the letter I wrote in response, posted online at http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/archives/7305 , where you can post comments of your own.

Yours in liberty,
        <<< Starchild >>>

Time Magazine all but admitted its own left-wing bias in the August 22, 2004 article “The Right’s New Wing,” noting that employees of parent company Time-Warner were the 5th highest source of John Kerry’s donations.

Despite this admission, however, the article tellingly mislabeled libertarians as conservatives. Of course libertarians will appear conservative—to someone on the left! They will likewise appear liberal from the perspective of someone on the right. By calling libertarians conservatives, the magazine showed its own colors.

In reality, libertarian is neither left nor right. It is anti-authoritarian—in favor of individual liberty as opposed to government power. (For a graphic depiction of this difference, see the political map at http://www.self-gov.org

Individual liberty is favored in some areas by both the right (lower taxes, right to keep and bear arms, fewer restrictions on job creation, etc.) and the left (limits on police power, sexual freedom, substance use, etc.).

But unfortunately, more government control is also frequently advocated by both left (higher taxes, gun control, more job-killing regulations, etc.), and right (expanded police powers, restrictions on sexual behavior, the “war on drugs,” etc.)

Because libertarianism proposes to replace government control with individual liberty and personal responsibility across the board, it is a distinct philosophy that cannot be lumped in with either the left or the right. It would be more accurately called the radical center.

Time should be embarrassed for making such a dumb mistake. They should also be embarrased for only writing about the lack of “intellectual diversity” as it applies to universities when that elephant is sitting right in their own living room.

Posted by: Starchild at August 28, 2004