Time for a Bay Area Libertarian Council to enhance coordination and cooperation between county LP chapters?

I've been talking with some other local Libertarians about the idea of starting a Bay Area Libertarian Council to enhance communication and cooperation among the county LP chapters in our region. The idea would be for each Bay Area county LP to send a representative to the Council, which would meet bi-monthly (every other month). Meetings would alternate between an SF and East Bay location, so no one would ever have to drive the full length of the bay. Meeting agendas might go something like this:

(1) Introductions. Pass around personal cards & trade contact info. One person acting as Facilitator would serve as chair and also secretary, taking notes and

(2) Updates/Announcements. Each rep. updates the group with a report on what's happening in his or her county, and announces any upcoming events in the region that he/she is aware of. County updates would include the following info:
  a. Number of registered Libertarians
  b. Number of LP members
  c. Amount of money in the bank
  d. Number of people at last county meeting
  e. Number of hits on county website and/or amount of traffic on county email list(s)

(3) Focal Event. Council chooses one of the upcoming events to focus on; this information is communicated back to the county parties so that the entire Bay Area LP network is encouraged to mobilize to promote and take part in one particular event

(4) Requests for Support. Each rep tells the group what his or her county could use help with. This could include asking for support in promoting and attending other events not chosen as the featured event. It could also include a request for technical help with something, such as doing a bulk mailing, setting up an intern program, filing a lawsuit, improving a website, etc., for material needs such as a piece of software, an LP booth for an upcoming event, use of another region's mailing list, etc., or non-material support, such as requesting advice or ideas on a problem a county group is facing.

(5) Resolutions/Declarations. Each rep. submits his or her county's ideas for joint Bay Area resolutions and declarations (for example, condemning the government's incompetence in rebuilding the Bay Bridge, or endorsing efforts to adopt a Sunshine Ordinance in San Jose. All the proposed resolutions and declarations that meet no opposition from any of the reps are adopted, in the form of a one or two sentence declaration for each [e.g. "The Libertarian Council of the Bay Area, representing the Libertarian Party chapters in (list counties here), strongly condemns the city of Oakland's program of confiscating cars belonging to people suspected of soliciting prostitution."] Reps. submitting resolutions and declarations should submit proposed language.

(6) Press release. Council chooses one of the adopted resolutions to expand into a press release, and chooses one or more people to be responsible for writing it up and posting to ba-liberty@yahoogroups.com and other local lists as well as to the state and national LP newsletters and the state Secretary within 48 hours. Each press release would also include a brief listing of the other resolutions and declarations adopted.

(7) Feedback. Everyone takes a minute to each say what they thought was important or useful about the meeting and/or what could be improved.

(8) Next meeting. Council chooses a facilitator, date, time, and location for the next meeting.

  I think it is best if the representatives are *not* the same individuals for each meeting, but rather that the county parties select and send a *different* person each time. Each rep. would be responsible for ensuring that a new person is selected with due democratic process by his/her county to attend in his or her stead for the following meeting, and for giving a report to his/her county chapter at its next meeting. Anyone failing to find a successor and consequently showing up as a county's rep. two months in a row would still be welcome as a participant, but would not have a vote.

  The point of this somewhat unorthodox setup would be to allow more of us to get to know each other, and to make it more of a grassroots endeavor, with less chance of the Council turning into yet another sequestered leadership group with whose doings the people it represents are largely unfamiliar.

  The Facilitator, who would also be a different person each time, would be responsible for publishing notes of the meeting and who attended on behalf of which counties to ba-liberty@yahoogroups.com and as many other relevant lists as possible.

  If you like this idea, please bring it up at your next county LP meeting and seek to have them appoint a representative for the first meeting, along with any feedback or ideas on how this ought to take shape. If I hear back that at least three counties are interested and appoint representatives, I'll volunteer to facilitate the first meeting and schedule a meeting date/time/place here in SF to get the ball rolling.
  To LPSF chair Justin Sampson, I also request to have this be an agenda item at the next LPSF meeting (May 13), and to be appointed LPSF representative for the first meeting.

Yours in liberty,
        <<< starchild >>>
  Outreach Director, Libertarian Party of San Francisco
      Candidate for SF Board of Supervisors, District 8

P.S. - Apologies for all the cross-posting to those of you receiving this multiple times.

P.P.S. - Patrick Dugan is copied because I believe he is the Sonoma County LP chair, although I am not positive about this. Matt Turley is Marin LP Chair. If anyone has contacts in Napa or Solano counties, or has an address for an LP email list in any of those four counties, please let me know. Lawrence Samuels is LPC Vice-Chair for Northern California.