Thoughts on Election Night

Last night was quite the show. I stayed up until 1a.m. before I had my

Disappointingly but not unexpectedly, Jo is at slightly above 1%- better
than Gary Johnson's 2012 run (0.99%) but below Johnson/Weld's 2016 run
(3.27%). Nevertheless, this is still the second highest percentage of an LP
potus candidate.

I want to say thank you to Starchild for running. According to the SF
elections website, he is above 10%, which is well above the typical 2-3%
I've seen in state and local races.

Statewide, I was pleasantly surprised Prop 22 and 25 passed. Uber/Lyft can
continue op's in CA and cash bail will be replaced with flight risk system.

Finally, I was very happy to see Prop G passed (youth voting in local
elections). It's too bad the LPSF missed the boat on this one.

I'm curious what other people thought.


Disappointingly but not unexpectedly

Exactly how I feel. There was a bit of surprise: California did better on the props than I expected, and SF did somehow even worse. Jorgensen is only getting 0.64% in SF, and it's not a swing anything.

according to the SF elections website, he is above 10%

Yeah, great job, Starchild! Perhaps more of us should run in the future to get the word out! I'm not tracking, but the billing page seems to indicate that a lot of people visited Starchild's (fancy, if I do say so myself) campaign website. His message was right on!

Prop 25, Prop G

Things aren't over, but I think Prop 25 seems to be failing (which I strongly believe is good; we should not take away people's right to get out of jail before they are convicted), and sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Prop G is surprisingly failing (apparently, SF voters are neither principled nor pragmatic)! Silver lining, LPSF might not have missed the train on supporting it!

Life & Liberty,


Thanks, guys. I'm likewise pleasantly surprised at how the statewide propositions are going. SF seems about like usual, "disappointing, but not unexpectedly". Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen are currently listed with 2,231 votes in SF; there are 2,898 registered Libertarians in the city (see, and I'm sure many of them didn't vote at all while some voted for Trump or Biden, so I don't think we're batting under our weight in the presidential contest given the sharp tilt of the playing field against us.

  I'm similarly doing about how I expected. Ten percent is okay for a two-person race against a Democrat, but I wouldn't call it great. On the other hand, Shahid Buttar, who ran a much more active campaign against Nancy Pelosi from the left, only got about 20%, so it's not too bad either.

  In general, I think the more candidates we have the better, though it's good not to feed the State (with filing fees and such) any more than the value for liberty we get out of it, so anyone running should plan to get more exposure for the LP and the freedom message than what they could get by just spending a similar amount of money on advertising without running for office. I only ran this time because I didn't have to pay the filing fee and was guaranteed a spot on the November ballot, due to Chiu not having any other opponents.

  It would be good to have at least one local candidate to get behind per cycle, either one of our own or someone like Chesa Boudin or Joel Engardio that we can support. Speaking of the latter, Engardio looks like he's narrowly lost the District 7 Supervisor race to Myrna Melgar by about 53% to 47% (see Joel unfortunately appeared to have tacked closer to law enforcement this cycle than in the past, which no doubt hurt him in this election with the heavy focus on police reform this year*, but he's still fairly libertarian by local Democrat standards. We had given him support in the past, both volunteering and recommending, although we did not this cycle (partly my decision not to push the issue because of his law enforcement emphasis). Maybe he will run again and will be open to the idea that our active support could have made the difference and that focusing on law and order did not help him.

*On a bright note, I was delighted to see Proposition E, removing the minimum SFPD staffing requirement, passing with almost 72% of the vote, a much higher margin than I would've expected. Having that large a super-majority vote for fewer cops seems pretty significant to me, even in SF!

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))