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Dear LPSF,

We are putting together an event close to Tax Day to kick off Phil's Campaign. We are taking suggestions for what and where you would like to see an event take place. Please be ready to volunteer, if you have ideas, to help put them in place.

Here are the areas that need your attentions:

1) Promotions

We need graphics and promotional materials for the campaign. If you or someone you know can sponsor new or updated graphics for the 8th District Campaign v.Pelosi, let us know. We intend to use these graphics for stickers, flyers and online advertising, lawn signs and other promotional materials.

2) Advertising and Press
If you or someone you know can give us ad space online or in a local 8th District publication over the space of the next 2 weeks let us know. If you have ideas or would like to see Phil featured in a specific publication send suggestions directly to: beatthechip@...

3) Event Locations

If you have suggestions about an event location or would like to contribute to working with venue organizing, let us know.

Thanks for all you contribute in the way of action.


Sheila Dean
Philip Berg for Congress