Things that I would like said at the tea party

as usual pleae excuse the typos, blind typing .
Could you guys practice and deliver this or sometihing close.

Hello San Francisco Partiers.
My name is Sheilla dean and this Starchild. We are standing in for
Philip Berg who is running for Congress here in san francisco.
against the Red Queen of the West, Nancy Pelosi.

Mr. Berg is attending to family business in his and Ms. Pelosi's
hometown, Baltimore. Familyuy before tea.

First of all thank you to Sally Zelokovski for inviting us back.. As
you all know the the tea party movement started with libertarians..So
we say to you , WELCOME BAACK.

The party is about liberty and independence. It's about the justice,
prosperity, security, and yes equality that all flow from putting
liberty first.

It's not about right or left, it's aboutfreedom versus tyranny. It's
not about attacking or hating anyone, but changing minds.

It's not even about hating Nancy Pelosi, it's about hating the ideas
that she advances every day.

Tea Partiers believe in INdependance.
Nancy Pelosi believes in DEpendance.
She believes that a twenty five year old adult should be dependant on
his or her parents guaranteed health care plan.
Do you?
She believes that you are dependant on the government to defend you
against life's perils.
She believes that family, community, friends, are not the first , but
the last social safety net.
she believes that you don't have a right to work unless she and her
minions give you a card and chip that says it's OK.

She believes in dependance by all of us on ther.
that's why I call her the red Queen.

and just as in Lewis Carrol's Alice in wonderland, if you don't like
what the Red Queen demands, she will unleash the monster that will
jail you, or stomp you.

How many folks here don't like the way Nancy Pelosi thinks.?

How many folks here love liberty. for all

How many folks love independence for all.

lets hear it.

Liberty and justice for all,

How many are for justice for all.

Welcome back tea partiers.

Liberty and Justice for all.

The Bill of Rights was made to protect liberty and justice.

Nancy Pelosi thinks that Bill of Riights is a living document, thats
just another word for a dead letter.

Is the Bill of Rights of the constitution a dead letter.

Well tea partiers, it's time to tell Nancy Pelosi that we believe in
liberty and justice.

We believe in the second ammendment, because it is essential to defend
our liberty and i and our life.

How many belive in the s second Ammendment of the Bill of rights.

now folks , here is where is where the rubber meets the road.
Is the bill of rights a dead letter. Can you, like Ms. Pelosi, pick
and choose your ammendments and the rights they protect.

Are you with liberty or you with Pelosi?

do you believe that constitution's Bill of Rights is the essence
ofwhat makes america great. Do you believe in Liberty.

How many folks believe in the first ammendment.
Our right to free speech
Our right to assemble., including our right to travel to that assembly.
The freedom to practice or not practice religion as we so choose.

How many folks support The fourth Ammendment. The right to be secure
in your person and stuff. To not be searched as you go about your life.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers,
and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be
violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause,
supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the
place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

So tea partiers, are you with liberty or with Pelosi.
If you are with pelosi you support the government going through your
underware at the airport. If you are with the founders, you
understand that liberty is the only security. You will not aloow thhe
terrorists to scare you into giving up your liberty. You will bravely
stand up to the terrorists and all those who cwork as thier agents,
terrorizing you when you go to the airport or the BArt.

there is no fourth ammaendment for Southwest or Delta or United, so
let them do the security. that way, as a customer ,not a subject , you
cnan choose the level of safety you are willing to strip for.

The British used to stop and search travellers and search for mail
oon the highwasys. The dounders didn't like tihis. Thats why reading a
private citizens mail is not american. Nancy Pelosi renewed the
Patriot Act and funds the wiretapping of all our emeil. Do want the
terorists to win. do wnat then , through thier agents in Washington to
make our communication open to the busybodies of the governemtn. Ms
Pelosi thinks so.
Not only does Ms. Pelosi think that we can't be independant and find
our way, she thiks that the whole world should be dependant on the Us
Governemnt to provide security. throughour the world.

the fouders understood that this is a folls errand.
Ms. Peli thins the world is different now. That George washington's
warnings about military adventurism in his farewell address were a
qaunt anachronism. When General Washington stood in a
Annaplis and warned us against entaglement in the affairs of the old
world he faced immediate threat of annihilation just as we do today. a
British Man of War or French, could have at that moment ,if the wind
was right sail into the nearby harbor without warning and shell the
building and torch the city. The fundamentals never change.
Peace and internal strength that comes from liberty is our best
defense, just as Washington and eisenhower advised. Do you stand with
Pelosi, funding war forever, or do youstand for liberty and Peace.

Welcome back to liberty tea baggers
America needs you. Liberty needs you in this hour of peril


Absolutely magnificent with many priceless soundbites!

Three suggestions:
1. We don't face the immediate threat of annihilation ("he faced
immediate threat of annihilation just as we do today").
2. Since you use "liberty" many times, I suggest you define it:
"Liberty means freedom from Govt."-- Ludwig von Mises
3. Use "independence from the Govt" or "dependence on the Govt" more
of the time, rather than just "independence" or "dependence."

Warm regards, Michael

Wow!! Rousing speech!! Great! However, I would strongly suggest not calling them "tea baggers", you will be booed for sure if you do. Also, I would be reticent about claiming the Tea Party movement started with libertarians. Listeners do not know if you are saying Libertarians or libertarians; the movement was certainly not started by Libertarians; and arguably not by libertarians either. Regarding the "welcome back" part, same idea. That sentiment would have been appropriate only if Libertarians or even libertarians were the seminal force behind the Tea Party movement; which we were not. We may have been the seminal force behind a general, non specific liberty movement, but the Tea Party movement is pretty specific. How about settling for saying something like "The liberty movement started with libertarians. So we say to you welcome!"

Good luck with the speech. Thank you for doing this!


Dear Marcy,

The Tea Party movement was initiated by Ron Paul libertarians,
organized by the Ron Paul meet-up groups. In SF, we dumped boxes
labeled "Tea" into the SF Bay. Other RP groups had similar events
nationally on the same day.

Warm regards, Michael

I'd tend to agree with Marcy that "Ron Paul supporter" and "libertarian" are
not interchangeable terms. I'd agree that "the Tea Party movement was
initiated by Ron Paul SUPPORTERS, organized by the Ron Paul meet-up
groups..." But unfortunately I've met enough Ron Paul supporters who just
simply hate immigration reform, and Mexicans in general, or else they'd have
been McCain supporters. Ron Paul had some very libertarian rhetoric in his
campaign, but he also had some very xenophobic anti-immigration, New World
Order Conspiracy fearmongering (think the Alex Jones thing on the Amero
currency and the North American Union) in his rhetoric that drew a lot of
supporters to his campaign who we'd hardly call libertarian. Plus with the
Faux News takeover of the Tea Parties, I'd be very careful about saying
anything that could be construed as "Tea Parties are libertarian, and
libertarians support the Tea Parties."