Thiessen, Friedman, Ruwart on the LP

49) Two paths for the Libertarian Party
by David Friedman

"The Libertarian Party is mostly made up of hard core libertarians.
Its campaign strategy has been to spread their views, to appeal to
those who share them, while hoping for some votes from soft core
libertarians who see voting for it as a way of pressuring the major
parties to shift in a libertarian direction. This year is going to be
different. Bob Barr, the LP's presidential candidate, is an ex-
Republican congressman whose past (and, arguably, present) views are
no more than moderately libertarian." (08/17/08)

21) Give me your poor!
Liberty For All
by Mary J. Ruwart

"Liberty's natural constituents have always been the young and
disadvantaged, not the established and the elite. Is the Libertarian
Party, built on the activism of the 'have-nots,' now snubbing its most
ardent supporters? ... The inscription on the Statue of Liberty asked
not for Europe's titled, wealthy, or elite, but those who benefit most
from liberty -- the poor and the oppressed. When the Statue was unveiled
in 1886, it was common knowledge that the impoverished were freedom's
natural constituency." (08/18/08)