The term "Hacker"

There was a rather impassioned discussion earlier about "Hackers". Some felt "hackers" were criminals whereas others questioned that position.

I just wanted to alert the list that it is VERY common for legit companies to refer to the technical people they want to hire as "hackers". See this ad below. Let's just say the term means something akin to "Badass Technology Expert" and has nothing to do with criminal behavior.

Chris Madden may have more to contribute.



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Great point! Here is another point of view Hope the link works; I just Googled "What does hackers mean?"

Earlier in the discussion Denny made the same point -- a matter of white hats and black hats. Both hats are talented folk, no doubt. The black hats are the ones I have a problem with, because they threaten to waste my time cleaning out my computer from viruses, spending hard-earned money in anti-spyware software, and cleaning up my credit should they succeed in stealing my identity. The black hats are the criminals that the white hats want to get rid of as much as I do.