The Secrets of the Temple

Anyone here read this and can recommend it?

Steve Dekorte,

I desperately need someone to stay in my apartment for a few hours tomorrow, Tuesday July 14 from 9:30am to approximately 2pm. If you will house-sit for me while my apartment manager changes the lock on my apartment door, I will pay you $200 cash on the spot. If you need more money, no problem; I need help. My apartment is at 550 Battery St., the cross-street is Jackson St., near The Embarcadero and TransAmerica Building. Long story short: I do not trust the manager to be in my apartment while I am not in the apartment. If you want/need to call me, my telephone number is 415-370-1215. If you cannot do this, can you recommend somebody, perhaps Starchild, Phil Berg or Chris.

All the best,

Don Fields?