The Real Reason for the attacks on Governor Mark Sanford

The real reason is that Sanford has proven himself a complete idiot. What he does in his private life is nobody else's business; but to disappear for a week and abandon the reins of government disqualifies him for any kind of leadership position.

To make matters worse, he lied about it afterwards, saying he 'needed to clear his head' (boy, talk about a Freudan slip LOL!)

Yes , disappearing for a week should be disqualifying. the time is inadequate . Disappearing for a month or decade might help us rediscover our independence.

Yes, and if he took most of his friends with him, we could probably recover in less than a month. Since most of the GOP seems bent on turning the US into an updated version of Peron's Argentina anyway, they may all decide to stay next time and not come back at all.