The penalty for shoplifting now is summary execution

Forget that tired old Constitution with its pesky requirements for a speedy trial and presumption of innocence and all that. The police now just shoot unarmed suspects then and there!

I don't know why they even bother to lie about it anymore, like they did this time. They get away with it EVERY time anyway. The pattern is the same. They lie. A video surfaces proving they lied. The public expresses outrage. The guilty officers get time off with pay, maybe a transfer to another precinct. An "investigation" takes place in which the guilty police officers are found not guilty of any wrongdoing and the whole matter is swept under the rug.

On to the next summary execution.

A story like this surfaces EVERY day. I don't forward them all because there are just too many.

Watch the whole video, apparently filmed by people watching from a nearby restaurant, as far as I can tell


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If I raise the money will you organize the litigation? I see $10 million on the table.

And as you say, another $10 million goes on the table very day, with just the very-visible events. It's the tip of the iceberg.


Nobody on these lists would have standing to bring a wrongful death case; that is for the victim's family, and I have no doubt some enterprising attorneys will be knocking on their doors willing to take this on pursuant to a contingent fee agreement. I would take the case if I practiced in that area. It's a great case.


This is the same story about every government crime. And like you, I have
often wondered "why do they bother to lie? Why don't they just flip us all
the bird and tell us to crawl back into our caves and mind our own peasant

I don't get it.

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Wrongful death is not the only product of the government culture of domination and violence.