The Outlaw Axis Of Evil

Dear All;

The extreme problems we face as Libertarians
and fighting to keep what liberty freedom and
independence we have left can be seen from
a response to the Oakland PD shooting and
gun control as printed in the SF Chronicle -
Letters To The Editor todays edition. His last
paragraph is the icing on the cake.

As dear old Ronald Reagan said: Were we to outlaw
guns then only outlaws would have guns.

This is the Outlaw Axis of Evil:
police - criminals - military.

It makes it so much easier for them
to have un-armed victims ripe for the
plucking. Like all the civilian victims of
Nazi Germany: Jews - Gypsys - political
dissidents - banned political parties -
Pink Triangle gays and all the other
denominated mongrels ....

Todays Letters To Editor SF Chronicle

Unarmed utopia

After the laws banning all guns are passed, there
should be an amnesty period that would allow
gun owners to voluntarily turn in their guns.
After that, a system of rewards for informants
could be put in place, with upgraded rewards for
turning in family members who still own guns.

We should not only get rid of the guns in
circulation now, but melt down those in museums;
they have no place in our world. When all guns
are gone, everywhere, the world will return to
the peaceful, nurturing society that existed
before the scourge of firearms made us violent.

Of course, warrantless personal/vehicular/home
searches would be necessary, but what a small
price to pay for a safe, orderly, peaceful society!


Jeffery does omit bow and arrows and knives
and swords and spears and clubs and sharp
pointed scissors but what the hey at least
we would be without those nasty old guns.

I googled Jeffrey L. Suits and he does pop up in other pubs
Letters to editor and his commentary strongly suggests
a very left-wing liberal socialistic guvmint knows best pro-
environmentalist Earth First mentality of clothes line
drying is best. Yep he does say that.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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  I just saw that this morning -- has to be one of the most misguided letters to the editor I've ever seen published. When I saw the header "Unarmed utopia" and started reading it, I was hoping that the author was being satirical, but no such luck.

      ((( starchild )))

Just as a side note: all these proponents of gun control blather on about how reducing the number of guns would reduce violence; notice they NEVER want to start by disarming the government!

Recently, I heard there's a move on in the Mexican Congress to repeal the strict gun control laws there. Why? So that Mexican nationals can better protect themselves in the crime epidemics! Why does every country seem to be moving towards freedom while we're moving away from it?


  I think to the extent WE (libertarians) have an impact, we are moving things toward freedom; it's the U.S. government that keeps trying to move away from it and taking the country with them. I suspect many other countries have similar problems, although the situation may be improving in many places too. (I encourage people not to say "we" when they mean an entire country or the government that claims jurisdiction over it.)

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))