The Obama Deception

Wow! my feelings since last year.
"Us" blacks done got us a president"
And it'll cost America trillions of dollars and a slaved world order...

Unlike, of course, the white frat-boys in the Bush Administration who didn't do anything of the kind....LOL

The video is pretty clear that Obama and Bush are serving the same
banker masters. But Obama is involved in the same criminal activity Bush
was...and a lot more. Did you watch it Eric?


No, I haven't watched it yet. I know that Biden, though, has some pretty questionable affiliations with the banking establishment. But my point was it's still too early in Obama's term to reach a definate conclusion.

Fair enough....but watch it and see that he's already completely
reversed his campaign positions on a many significant issues. And that
his entire cabinet is staffed with water carriers for the banking

I'll check it out. But I think it's very hard to top what happened during the last administration, which was run by alleged 'fiscal conservatives'. Biden might have his hands in the till and carrying water for some special interests, but it's nothing compared to using government force to drive down competitors and threatening Congress with ultimatums to funnel the entire US GDP into the hands of a few special interests like Paulsen did.

The presentation does a pretty good job of equally assigning blame to
both administrations.


I finally lost confidence in Obama during his "60 Minutes" interview last night. He volunteered to say,
"Are they, [prisoners in Guantanamo], entitled to Miranda rights? Of course not!"

Harland Harrison