The LPCa endorses Ned Roscoe for Governor!

Fellow Libertarians,

The Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee considered by e-mail ballot whether to endorse one or more of the three Libertarian candidates running for California Governor in the October 7, 2003 Statewide Special Election.

The first motion considered Ned Roscoe. The second motion considered Jack Hickey. No motion was presented to endorse Ken Hamidi, the only other registered Libertarian in the race. Ken Hamidi doesn't consider himself to be a Libertarian, though he is registered as one.

Ned Roscoe received 13 votes in favor, 0 votes in opposition and 1 abstention. One voting member did not cast a ballot.

Jack Hickey received 1 vote in favor, 4 votes in opposition and 8 abstentions. Two voting members did not cast ballots.

To earn our party's endorsement, Bylaw 9, Section 7 of the Libertarian Party of California Bylaws requires 10 votes in the affirmative of the 15-member board.

Accordingly, Ned Roscoe is the Libertarian Party of California endorsed candidate for California Governor for the October 7, 2003 Statewide Special Election.

Ned Roscoe's website is [I voted YES.]

Jack Hickey's website is [I abstained.]

Ken Hamidi's website is

Aaron Starr, CPA


Libertarian Party of California


Section 3.

... The Executive Committee may endorse or rescind the endorsement of any registered Libertarian's candidacy for public office.


Section 7.

A two-thirds majority of the eligible positions on the Executive Committee shall be required to pass the following:

A. Removal from office, censure, or suspension of a Party officer, Operations Committee member, Executive Committee member, National Committee representative or county central committee member, or reinstatement of a county central committee member.

B. Endorsing or rescinding the endorsement of any candidate for public office.

C. Endorsing or opposing any proposed ballot measure, but rescinding such action shall be considered a normal main motion.

D. Annual budget, financial liability or contractual obligation lasting more than three months.

E. Provide the Party mailing list to non-Libertarian groups or individuals.