The Love Gov

Thought you might enjoy this series from the Independent Institute.

Very clever in my view.


Ha! This was fantastic, Mike. I loved Gov's sound bites, like "you don't need pediatric healthcare, but other people do, so good you are paying for it," or "everyone should get a house they deserve."

Great free-market arguments from Libby. Gov and Libby do not get along...predictably.

Thanks for posting.


I love the one where Libby is discussing with her pal Gov how her business is growing and that she's thinking about hiring her friend currently helping her out as a contractor. Then Gov says to Libby's friend "Well now I'm going to have to protect you". Libby asks "from who?". Gov looks at Libby and says "From YOU" as Libby looks at him incredulously.

Really one of the best series I've seen. Congrats to the Independent Institute.


Done! Posted on LPSF website, Facebook Group, and Facebook Page. Plus comment on the Independent Institute website.

BTW, when Alexis says, "but I cannot afford pediatric dental care," Gov says, "you can get a subsidy." Alexis: "but I thought my paying for pediatric dental care when I do not have any kids was supposed to help people." (All paraphrased).