The Howard Dean remixes

On Jan. 19 (Martin Luther King Day), Howard Dean gave a speech punctuated by a primal scream following his disappointing third-place finish in the Iowa caucuses. The "I Have A Scream" speech is now turning into fodder for electronic musicians as politics becomes a little more surreal. Check 'em out!

     "Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train (Dean's Aboard)" is my fave... It helps if you listen to the orignial recording of the speech first so that you can identify the sound coming from Dean in the remixes. 8)

Subversively yours,
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Video clip:

-- Steve

For those who have trouble with the line breaks and the verrrrrryyyyy
loooooooooong URL below, the quick way to open the page is to go to> . The site
has been getting so much traffic this week that the webmaster (a Dean
supporter, by the way) just registered the new URL.

Terry Floyd