The Greatest Christmas Gift of All

Christmas is a time of WASTE. Precious time and money are squandered on
presents that are often underappreciated (you've heard of

Instead of spending money you don't have, why not decide that this
is the last year you will waste on buying presents for everyone? In the
future cut out all Christmas gifts, or just give a few to some very
special people in your life.

If you are fortunate financially, as I am, why not give the money you
usually throw away at Christmas time to charity? I recommend
tax-deductible donations to The Seva Foundation <> .
For as little as $50, Seva can restore sight to one blind person (by
performing a low-cost cataract surgery in the poor countries of the

Of course the greatest gift of all is the gift of REASON. Let's all
dedicate the coming New Year to making more reasonable choices in our
lives, and encouraging others (especially our government) to do the

Happy Holidays,

Miss Reason -