The "Free Money" guy from the TV

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There's a comic strip today that amused me. No deep political point, just
glad to see that I'm not alone in feeling this way.

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PvP is an on-line comic strip read by tens of thousands of readers each
day, and it's also run in a few print newspapers.

[Interestingly, the author, Scott Kurtz, has some strong libertarian
leanings, and is also threatening the old-school syndicated comic system
with some new intellectual-property models. (If you see Wiley, from _Non
Sequitur_, bashing a guy named "Scott" in his strips, or Web authors in
general, this is what he's on about.)]

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  I can see why you're amused, it is pretty funny. But it's a little hard to tell exactly what message the cartoonist is trying to convey. Rather than having the guy being physically assaulted (by someone who could be a businessman, no less), I wish the cartoonist had come up with something like the following:

First panel: While he's standing there spouting B.S., somebody comes up behind him and picks his pocket.

Second panel: The person who picked his pocket comes up and stands next to him, offering the public the contents of the TV clown's wallet (shown to be his by a dorky looking photo of his wife and kids all dressed like him) and saying "Free money! Free money!"

Third panel: The TV clown guy sees his wallet and does a double-take, turning angrily and yelling, "Hey! Wait a second!"

Fourth panel: The camera angle widens to show a bunch of people labeled "government asset forfeiture victims" standing behind some kind of cordon on his other side also yelling "Hey! Wait a second!" as the clown eyes them guiltily out of the corner of his eyes.

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