The Fed is stuck on a razor blade

The farce of our Ponzi economy calls for farce in drammatizing the sheer spectacle of it all. If ever there was a time for metaphor piled upon metaphor,it is now. This guy has nailed every major move in the credit markets and precious metals markets months in advance since I began reading him. It's a stoner, David Sedaris type of writing, entertaining the mind to decipher. Not everone's cup of tea, but ignore at your own peril. How else to describe the monstrous arrogance of wall street to ponzi up trillions of negative amortization , non documented , no down payment, adjustable rate mortgages, get them rated AAA and expect the Fed to bail them out if any trouble ever arose? Empty suits who never mixed metaphors conjurred up this witches brew of toxic financial waste and sold it equally empty suits in the pension funds and hedge funds of the world, but not after goosing the volume with more trillions of leverage borrowed from the big commercial banks. The silver tongued analysts at Merril Lynch will mix no metaphors while feigning calm, as the nations paper wealth is washed away in a torrent of fiat vainly printed in a desperate attempt to paper over the rips in the tattered credit baloon.