The facts refute yet another Brian Miller smear against Ron Paul

Sorry, Brian, no getting around the fact that Ron Paul voted for continued government spending on education. The "whys" don't matter -- he did it. He certainly wasn't "Dr. No" on this issue.

In addition, at the GOP "values voter" debate, he committed himself to pursuing increased government funding of abstinence education in the future. The public record doesn't lie.

I think that the reality is that Ron Paul is Just Another Politician. He's enamored some Libertarians with his rhetoric -- particularly Libertarians (like Brian Holtz) who aren't members of groups targeted by his statist initiatives in the past -- but his record (and shifting sand rhetoric as of late) is highly inconsistent (to be charitable).

His proponents have been willing to engage in tortured rhetoric to "explain" his pork-barrel allocations ("oh, but he's against that and voted against a bill he knew would pass after putting the pork in there"), his anti-gay posturing ("oh he believes in 'states rights'"), and now his support for abstinence education. Now I know that such positions are difficult to reconcile with libertarianism -- but they're easy to reconcile with Republicanism. And just which party is Ron Paul running for, again? :wink: