The "doctor" who was at the LPSF meeting

This sounds like the same woman who showed up at one of our Drinking Freely
events last year. It seemed a little fishy then, too, so I made sure not to
commit to anything. Sadly, given her behavior that night and the evidence
we've seen from Francoise and Ron that she repeatedly failed to show up to
defend her license or appeal the loss of it, I'm thinking the doctor herself
may be less than well. She reminds me of a young woman I knew in college
who would occasionally disappear for weeks at a time when there were issues
with her medication.

The number of people who totally lose their licenses, despite being totally
competent at their trade, is very small. Instead, licensing laws are bad
more because they are a barrier to entry and require a ridiculously high
expense for compliance -- basically a tax on productivity. But once one
jumps through all these hoops, one really has to try hard to lose a license.
Unfortunately, government is no more competent at removing unfit
practitioners than it is at enabling competent ones.