"The Conscience of a Bullshit Artist" (by Classically Liberal, 7/19/09)

A libertarian blogger says Wayne Allyn Root is a wolf in Libertarian clothing. It's hard to argue with the points made here against the language in his book.

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SUNDAY, JULY 19, 2009
The Conscience of a Bullshit Artist.

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Thank you for posting this Starchild. I was beginning to be taken in .

Thanks for posting that article. It pretty much squares with most of what I know of Root as well. Besides being a consummate blackguard, the man is an unpredictable hothead. Anyone who's listened to his appearances on talk-radio shows (hosted by such 'libertarians' as Michael Savage and Glenn Beck) can almost imagine him foaming at the mouth while he speaks.

Not long ago, on another forum (which I've since departed from) I wrote an article saying it was hypocritical of Root to denounce Sen. Arlen Specter for leaving the GOP when both him and Barr did the same thing. Root actually wrote a response to that; condemning me as a 'liberal' and a 'nobody'---not that I haven't been called worse things on these forums, mind you--- but I do question the temperment of a VP candidate who lashes out at, yes, a 'nobody' who questioned his views on an internet forum with fewer than 90 subscribers. Imagine Biden doing that?