The connection between poverty and environmental destruction

By the way there's no connection between poverty and enviroment unless you have enviromentals stealing land for there own cause. So how does that differ from a developer? Because at least the developer has to pay so fair market rate. Check out the deal Pantagonia Outdoor Clothiers got for their So. American Enviromental Resort. And the locals highway and have to take a longer journey to town. Now that's Pimping!

The insider/citizentry should be fought for. Even though they need help less than most want to believe.
Whether enviromental or industrial.
As a kid I remember when America contributed 50% of all the worlds pollution. Which was our 'inalienable right' (that are in some sense fundamental, are not awarded by human power).
I'll feel different when I see enviromental pimps educating (first) there by having the locasl decide what's best. If they want to trade trees for Levis then so be it. But to "not allow" them to advance or regress, while we are attempting to clone one another is wrong. "The rain forrest has medicines the world has yet to know" sounds silly to a people that don't need (such) medicine. "It can be damaging to the world's eco system" from a people that built 'Three Mile Isalnd'. You know Oakland got its name because it once was covered with oak trees and San Fran with sand dunes. Wow! looks like things worked out fine. Sure we lost some bay coast line, but look at those condo views and East Palo Alto the largest black home ownership in this area. SMILE
Actually there's enough issues at home for enviromentalist. So let "my (those) people go..." As enviromentlist appear like conquering Christian missionaries?


Interesting to see this discussion in the context of another recent study
that debunks the asumed connection between poverty and terrorism. Check out
the story at


Terry Floyd