The Choice To Kill

Dear Dr. Mike;

The United Nations has a law signed by the US which forbids military recruiting of underage children. Therefore any recruiting by the military of any underage child is a violation of international law and by a signed agreement US law. Therefore all recruiters doing as such should be prosecuted for doing such.

When a child becomes a teenage 18 they very miraculously become adults and can sign contracts - although they aren't considered old enough to drink. Then a recruiter can come on after them - although off campus so the recruiter doesn't violate international law and of course would be prosecuted for doing so and creating an undue influence on underage children.

Although there wasn't time at the meeting I would prefer to see Jr ROTC replaced by a Jr. NERT program. This way teenagers can be taught life saving and disaster help skills which can be used to save lives not as in the military where people are trained to kill. I also suspect a Jr. NERT program would be far more attractive and would attract far more students - BY CHOICE - and even create competitions among high schools as to how many studenst completed the program and competiton disaster drills for fun and games..

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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I just can't fathom why we in this country make JROTC a
during-the-schoolday class for course credit, but relegate JSA and all
the other (arguably more useful) organizations and clubs to
after-the-schoolday non-course-credit extracurricular activities.

JROTC should be like the Boy Scouts -- if you want to dress up in a
paramilitary uniform and observe military hierarchies as a teenager,
then by all means, you should do so... AFTER SCHOOL. If we made JROTC a
before/after school activity instead of something for course credit,
then it would be more akin to a Bible club or a Gay Straight Alliance or
any other somewhat controversial student club that meets outside of
school hours -- more people would tolerate it and the choice to
participate in it if it were not a class during the schoolday for course

Despite the straw poll results, I hope we end up supporting an
endorsement of NO on that item, because I know we'd not similarly
support overriding the school board to give course credit for Bible
study or GSA meetings.


Ron Getty wrote:


  Very well put.

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