The Chinese are getting ahead of us on everything

10) China: Farmer fires homemade cannon to defend land

Yahoo! News

"A Chinese farmer has declared war on property developers who want his

land, building a cannon out of a wheelbarrow and pipes and firing

rockets at would-be eviction teams, state media said on Tuesday. Yang

Youde, who lives on the outskirts of bustling Wuhan city, in central

Hubei province, says he has fended off two eviction attempts with his

improvised weapon, which uses ammunition made from locally sold

fireworks." (06/08/10)

Dear UCSF Mike;

The major problem with China and property is that the PRC declared it owns all the land umpteen years ago but allows people to build on " its " land....this has been a bone of contention time after time whenever the government wants to do some type of "public" project which requires evicting people from off "its" land.

Ron Getty