The Bill of Rights Final Birthday

Dear Libertarians,

I called several congressmen about the Nationl Defense Authorization Act of 2012. I learned from Senator Feinstein’s office that she and Mark Udall have authored a bill to re-instate the habeas corpus protections. The bill, entitled the Due Process Guarantee Act 2011 will be brought to the Senate sometime in January.

I called Senator Rand Paul’s office -202 224 4343 and talked to someone to ask if Senator Paul thinks Senator Feinstein’s bill will really correct the problem. She didn’t know because they haven’t really studied Feinstein’s bill yet. (I think the senators have all gone home for Christmas.) She thought the bill would not come up in the Senate until after Jan. 16th. She said if I call back around Jan. 6th. they will know more.

I plan to call then, but I encourage you all to do your own research to verify if Senator Feinstein’s bill is a good fix. If it is, then I encourage all of you to call as many senators and congressmen as you can and tell them to support Feinstein’s bill.

You probably already have the following numbers, but just in case you don’t here are the ones I have called:

Feinstein 415 393 - 0707 Boxer 202 224 3553 ; Rand Paul 202 224- 4343

Speier 650 342-0300 Eshoo 650 323 - 2984