The Bill of Rights Final Birthday

I reveived ; this e-mail about the military appropriations bill, H R 1540, and think this is a very serious issue about the government taking away an extremely important right. What do you all think? .The President said a couple of weeks ago that he would not sign it, but now he says he will. It’s a little confusing whether the bill only applies to non-citizens except in a “national emergency” but I feel it’s pretty easy now for the government to declare a “national emergency” and then there goes U.S. citizens rights to habeas corpus.

I am interested in your thoughts.


It’s the end of the US as we knew it…RIP


Like Benjamin Franklin said regarding our republic, "If you can keep it." And we haven't. The tyrants are perfectly comfortable passing all kinds of laws, because they know those of us who are concerned with their actions are not going to do any of the things Marge mentions. While those who are taking to the streets right now seem to be clamoring for more government largess, which never comes without strings attached.



So true what you say!

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