thanksgiving lessons and Beyond

Kelly Simpson is our Speaker's Bureau. She's done a terrific job.

Best, Michael

Yes, Kelly Simpson did do a lot of work speaking before pol-sci
classes, as I recall both in public and private schools. I
accompanied her once and had a great time. Ron Getty's idea of
reviving such a program, and perhaps incorporating the Say Something
Smart Prize, sounds like a good way to reach young people, most of
whom probably never exposed to libertarian thought.


Kelly Simpson is our Speaker's Bureau. She's done a terrific job.

Best, Michael

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>Dear Dr. Mike and Wine Mike;
>How about a speakers bureau type of thing to go to poli-sci

classes and speak about Libertarianism at public - private and
parochial schools as a free service pro bono to provide a broad based
understanding of third party political parties.

>Or maybe a rotating group with Green Party and Repubs who in SF

are all minority parties? Ala Phil Berg and Krissy Keefer and Mike
DeNunzio ala their Pelosi debate team... :slight_smile:

>Ron Getty
>SF Libertarian
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>What I have in mind is simply emailing the announcement to

libertarian groups of which there are many. I was not considering
including the Big Govt schools.

>But let's hear what Mike D. thinks about all this since it's his


>Best, Michael
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>>Dear Marcy;
>>Good proposal - even if it is a little - cheeky - the execution

would be the problem.

>>If it was sent to principals then the likelihood they would have

it passed out for teachers to look for bright Libertarian oriented
students probably wouldn't work. If it was sent to administration or
superintendent for handouts to principals or teachers it would
probably fall flat. Afterall those people depend on the largesse of
the government after the guvmint takes the money from taxpayers to
spend on itself.

>>If a way could be found to circumvent the bureaucracy and go

straight to the teachers - who may respond - then we might get

>>Hoping you having a nice Thanksgiving with family....
>>Ron Getty
>>SF Libertarian
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>>I would like to add my congratulations to Derek's daughter for


>>courage and to Derek for his great work in raising her.
>>My hope is that Derek's influence will continue into his kids'


>>years and beyond. Mass promotion of products and ideas, by


>>industry and the government, is a most powerful negative

influence on

>>children, and I found it difficult as a parent to overcome it.
>>Although, I keep trying to this day.
>>Therefore, I would be in favor of a little mass promotion of our


>>such as Mike D. and Michael E.'s ideas of an award for "Saying
>>Something Smart." This would be cheecky at best, but maybe worth
>>consideration?: Mail an announcement of the prize to every
>>elementary school in the city, asking for submissions from


>>critique the responses (oportunity for libertarian promotion),


>>award a prize when applicable.
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>>> Derek Jensen wrote:
>>> > My daughter raised her hand and said "I don't really see what
>>there is
>>> > to be thankful for. Mostly the government just steals our


>>> > wastes it on itself."
>>> And now I know exactly what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving:
>>that Derek
>>> and other libertarians are raising their children right, and


>>> - perhaps - my pessimism about coming generations might be
>>> ~Chris
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