Thanks to SF Pride volunteers. Now it's time for AIDS Walk SF

I just wanted to send out a quick thank-you to all those who made this past weekend's Outright Libertarians participation in San Francisco LGBT Pride a success.

First, thanks to Curt from the East Bay for helping me set up the booth on Saturday morning, Guy for volunteering at the booth for a few hours on Saturday afternoon, and Marcy and Francoise for helping set up the booth Sunday morning and volunteering at it while I was busy at the parade. Also, thanks to Mike, Jawj, and Peter for joining me in the parade. This was the earliest we've ever been in the Parade (#70 this year, #134 last year), and though Comcast strategically skipped over our contingent (as they did with the Milk and Toklas Democrats, so I guess it was a Hotel Tax nonpartisan rules thing), we were seen in-person by more people than ever. It's a shame there were only four of us, but several people came up to the booth afterwards asking why we only had four, and we replied "because you didn't join us." All of them responded that they'd be happy to join us next year, and we got their contact info, so let's hope they do.

Thanks again for everyone's help. Now, on to the next thing -- Outright's team in AIDS Walk on July 19.

Can we get more than 4 to walk? :slight_smile:


I almost forgot. Thanks also to Mike, Mike, and Francoise for contributing half of the $300 it cost to do the SF Pride Parade ($75) and Festival ($225) this year. I'm currently on the hook for the other half and am happy to match Mike, Mike, and Francoise with my own $50, but if others would help us raise another $100 for this important outreach effort, I'd really appreciate it. You can contribute online by making a donation on this page (under the green label for "San Francisco Pride Week Support" about 3/4 down the page):

Thanks again everyone for your support.


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