Thank you for your companionship in SF

Thank you to all who came out to lunch with
John and I. It was fun & John and I both
enjoyed meeting everyone,

Justin, Marcy, Mike, Phil …..
and sorry, I forget the other names.
(I met too many people this week)

Here is a kicker. I went searching my
carry on bag for the business cards I had
gathered, to try to remember everyone's names.
I could not find any so I dumped the whole bag
upside down and shook it to see if anything would fall out.

No business cards fell out but guess what did?

8 – 22 caliber bullets. They successfully made it
on two flights as carry on baggage. And there's more!

I was randomly selected (both ways) for special screening.
They used that modern equipment that sniffs for gunpowder!

And there's more! I normally use the bag to carry guns / ammo
when I travel into the desert on camping trips. I removed boxes
of ammo before packing my bag and some bullets must have
escaped and fell into the deepest, darkest recesses of the bag.

I told the screener I thought the bag might have detectable amounts
of gunpowder for that reason. I was a little surprised when it passed
without a hint of detection from the "super sniffer" machine twice.
It also went through the X-ray machine twice.

Now I am really surprised knowing it had 8 live rounds!

Boy, I sure feel safer knowing how well the TSA is screening
for dangerous items like nail clippers but allowing bullets on board.


I am just overwhelming glad I did not get "caught" by my
stupid oversight. Prison would suck!

I could just see the headlines:
Firecracker goes off on flight with live ammo.

Anyhow, can't wait to see you all again.
Warmest regards,