Thank You Der Gubernator

Dear All;

The news story url takes you to a sweetheart
deal Der Gubernator worked out with the
service employees union on keeping their
full pension benefits even while their pay
is cut. Plus their pension contributions
will NOT have to be as much.

Current total UNFUNDED pension liabilities
for the state public employees and teachers
union is now some $49 billion. [cbs5_com]

Screw it - furlough all state public employees
permanently. 345,000 state employees
average some $90,000 in pay and benefits.
That's $31 billion that could be cut from
the state buget then we wouldn't have to
worry about the other $49 billion
unfunded pension benefits.

Total savings to taxpayers: $80 BILLION.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Well, what else did you expect? Governor Schicklgruber is only following his bosses in Washington who bailed out their pals on Wall Street---and made sure it was with all bonuses intact.