Thank you Bay Guardian and SF Weekly...

...for running full-page recruitment ads for the California Department of Corrections. I'm sure that all good San Franciscans appreciate your efforts to help make sure America's police/prison industry stays #1 with the world's top-earning prison guards and highest percent of citizens behind bars. Check out some of this inspirational text from the ad (not making this up):

"It has been called 'the greatest entry-level job in California' -- and for good reason. Our officers earn a great salary, and a retirement package you just can't find in private industry. We even pay you to attend our academy. There has never been a better time to join. We're the largest law enforcement agency in California, and we're growing."

  Oh, and thanks also to Republican governor Schwarzenegger and the Democrats in the legislature too, for passing Assembly Bill 900 (signed into law 5/3/07), to spend $7.7 Billion in taxpayer money on new prison construction, adding 53,000 new beds. That's like $132,000 per bed!

  Won't you feel lucky, as you sit in prison for growing marijuana, engaging in prostitution, evading taxes, or some other heinous and unforgivable crime, knowing that "your" government still cares enough about you to put you up in such expensive accommodations, surrounded by such well-compensated staff?

Love & Liberty,
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