Thank A Vet? by Laurence Vance

What, then, should we thank our soldiers for? Should we thank them for
fighting an unconstitutional war, an unscriptural war, an immoral war, an
offensive war, an unjust war, or a senseless war? Should we thank our
veterans for helping to carry out an aggressive, reckless, belligerent, and
interventionist foreign policy? Should we thank the military for sucking $1
trillion out of the federal budget?

Thank you for this post, Michael. My answer to the question is already in the article -- because they are young and ignorant. I would add one more reason, because they are taking the risk of ending up with a college education and free health care, or dead.

BTW, when Sarah Palin says she is proud she is the mother of a veteran, she exemplifies the young and ignorant label. Too bad, because we can use some rabble rousers like her to fix the tax and spend mentality.