Tell Bob Barr to Support Impeachment this Friday

Bob Barr will testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee this Friday
on the imperial presidency in response to Dennis Kucinich's article of
impeachment. Already, pro-impeachment activists are expecting him to go
wobbly based on an interview he gave at this weekend's NetRoots conference
in Austin. See what the lead organizer of the impeachment movement has to
say about Barr at update #3 of

See my comment on the Barr blog in response to the article recounting Barr's
appearance at the conference at:

The blog comments include a lot of moaning and groaning about the lack of
money coming into the campaign. In my post, I try to make the point that
taking mealy-mouthed positions is not a recipe for building the kind of
passionate support required to get donations.

If you have a moment, I hope you'll chime in on this thread.

Why did I invest my time in this? If we want to continue working with the
left in the Bay Area on anti-war issues, we need to be sensitive to their
priorities - as long as they're not inconsistent with our own principles.
While impeachment won't happen, I think most of us would agree that any
action that has the potential to lead to the removal of any politician is
consistent with libertarian goals. Hence, we should support it and we
should support our allies in CodePink who have worked so hard on this issue.