Tea Party: July 17th cancelled!!!!

1-July17th protest is cancelled.

2--While there is great enthusiasm and support for the protest, too many
people are away on vacation or had work commitments to make it happen. C'est
la summer!

3-Stay tuned for future events and protests and please visit the website

4-There are other smaller protests at local congressional offices taking
place throughout the Bay Area. You can find some listed at

Napa: Mike Thompson's office from 9-10.

Santa Rosa: From 9-10 in front of Woolsey's Santa Rosa office.

Pleasanton: 9:00 AM Jerry McNerneys Office, 5776 Stoneridge Drive,
Pleasanton, CA 94566

5-If any of you would like to show up in front of Woolsey's San Rafael
office, let me know and we can meet there at 9:00 a.m. I have nothing
planned but if I get critical local mass, I'd be willing to show up for an
hour. Email me.

6-GREAT THANKS to those of you who were willing to come out on the 17th!
Your commitment is what keeps me going. Don't be disappointed. We throw
some darts and go w/ what works. It doesn't have to be a bullseye every
time, but it's important to come close.

7--If you want to show up on your own on the sidewalk in front of 450, you
have First Amendment Rights..