Tea Party inquiry

I met this gentleman at the Tea Party on Thursday and he asked about
the LP and when we meet. I gave him the LPSF.org website and my info,
but perhaps one of the officers would like to follow up with an
invitation or message. I believe he is Hispanic and seemed to like
what I said about immigration. Here's the info from his business card:

Douglas Paiso
certified locksmith, DP Lock & Key
(510) 862-8789 (cell)
(650) 745-8734 (phone/fax)
Email: dpaiso@gmail.com

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Thank you! I have just sent Mr. Paiso an e-mail inviting him to our next meeting. I also indicated that we Libertarians are so happy that Tea Partiers share Libertarians' economic principles, but in addition to economic liberty we also stand for personal liberty.

I am hoping we will find other opportunities to make this point!