Tea Party Candidates Vote Against Cutting Spending

Ron Paul's Bid to End Afghan War Funding Blocked by GOP Reps. whom the Tea
Party Backed
Submitted by bobbyw24 on Tue, 02/22/2011 - 10:06
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vote(02-22) 04:00 PST Washington - -- Amid a battle in the House over how to
cut billions in spending, liberal Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland joined
conservative Republicans Ron Paul of Texas and Walter Jones of North
Carolina last week on a bill that could save more than $100 billion a year
by ending the war in Afghanistan.

But they confront an even stranger coalition that opposes a quick pullout:
President Obama and most of the 87 newly elected House Republicans, many of
whom are backed by the Tea Party.


This might be a good idea. Unfortunately, most Democrats seem not to mind
massacring innocent foreigners, exorbitant taxes, printing money, and
obscene deficits.

Warm regards, Michael

Dear Michael,

You are correct! Maybe we should stick with the devils we know. I think sometimes Republicans are weak and sometimes they make bargains with the Democrats. The real problem is most Democrats are not honest enough to actually hold any political office and most Republicans are not smart enough. We get screwed either way - - - don't worry, vote Libertarian!

Best wishes,