Taxpayer Tea Parties Sweeping the Nation

I wonder where all these 'tea parties' were when Bush & Cheney were creating the trillion dollar deficits we have now? I guess deficit spending is OK unless Democrats do it...

Unlike Bush, Obama has proposed genuine tax cuts (unlike the phony 'rebates' pushed by the Bushmen) which will impact 95% of Americans. In fact, the Democrats haven't even raised taxes on the 'wealthy'; they've simply redacted some cuts that Bush was planning for his corporate friends.

That should tell anyone who's really behind these 'tax revolts': the corporate vested interests promoting them in the media and corporate slush funds funnelled into the RNC. Don't be fooled by any of this. Neither Bush nor the RINO congress either cut spending or lowered taxes for anyone but their corporate cronies by as much as single dollar. In fact, through carefully managed hyperinflation and highly selective tax and regulation policies, they bankrupted the middle and lower classes and siphoned trillions out of the US economy.

The Democrats, in contrast, have been behaving closer to real conservatives. Obama is cancelling no-bid quasi-privatised contracts; limiting abuses of Bush's bailouts, imposing genuine tax cuts, and freezing bureaucratic salaries.