You're not kidding. Just last night I got into a conversation with a girl here from Australia for the Desiree Alliance conference, and her friend (also originally from Australia), who both insisted precisely that -- that taxes in the United States are very low and we have nothing to complain about.

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Great posting, Francoise! But, unfortunately, like Starchild, I have
heard many times from the general public that taxes are "necessary"
and "too low" in the U.S. I find it difficult to respond.


Perhaps you could ask them how much would be enough taxes.

It might also be worth asking them about where the missing $1.1
trillion dollars given to the department of defense went:

And how we can ever pay enough when trillions go missing.

One of the people from Australia said they pay 55% of their income in taxes. I said for the average American it's about half, but I don't think he believed it. He probably is not used to thinking about the various hidden taxes, and I didn't have a chance to get into all that. This is where things like explaining the secondary effects of things like regulating businesses and inflating the money supply come in, if you have time to discuss them.

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It's been about 70% lately if you count the 15% inflation rate (as
measured by precious metal s and oil) and the taxing of so-called
capital gains on inflated assets. Of course, Australia probably has
an inflationary monetary policy too and that isn't counted in the 55%