Dear Steve,

I agree with you, I'd also prefer dumping the sales tax.
BTW, I also prefer dumping the federal income tax, the
city tax, the business tax, the death tax, the real estate
taxes and the excise taxes. (Did I leave any out?)

As Chris said so eloquently in an earlier email:

Forcing me to fund a good cause is still wrong.

Taxing me to feed the hungry is wrong.

Drafting me to fight an evil despot bent on conquering the US is


Robbing the rich to pay the poor is wrong.

And forcing me to help bring freedom to people abroad is wrong.

Please note that, as Bastiat pointed out, just because I don't want


government to do it doesn't mean I don't think it should be done.

Best, Michael E.


Do you think that will happen all at one or in stages? If in stages, then we have to consider the best place to start. I think the elimination of income taxes wouldn't be able to get support from the economic liberals or left leaners in general as it is more advantageous for wealthy interests than the elimination of sales taxes.