Tax Day Sign Slogans

Possible sign slogans for our LPSF tax protest
(with thanks to Kat Dillon):

–Fight (or escape) the Internal Robbery Squad
–Honk if you hate taxes
–More taxes = less freedom
–Abolish (or end) the IRS
–End gov't theft
–What could you do with 40% (or whatever it is they steal from us)
more $$
–Income tax = socialism
–Tax Nazis go home
–King George asked for 3% and got the Boston Tea Party…while you
voluntarily wait in lines to pay 67% of every dollar earned???
–Taxes R 2 High
–Paycheck Thieves
–Communism didn't die
–Socialism doesn't work
–Lower Taxes NOW
–Medieval serfs gave only 30% to their masters. What does that make

Best, Michael